The Authors
Stephen Mills came to Kenya from Khartoum, Sudan in the early eighties and never left.
Following a career in the Royal Air Force, and a brief stint as a professional footballer, he flew operations as a commercial helicopter pilot that took him from supporting oil well drilling platforms in the frozen Canadian north, to chemical-vector control flight operations in Equatorial West Africa to control the fly that caused river-blindness.
He also conducted helicopter-borne geophysical surveys in North Africa, off-shore oil operations in Nigeria, seismic operations in Madagascar, aerial photography in Guatemala, surveyed power lines over the mountains of Papua New Guinea and transported medical teams employed in eradicating smallpox in Ethiopia.
His twenty-year career in aviation culminated in the establishment of his own airline company which pioneered donor-funded, scheduled-service humanitarian flight operations into East and Central Africa. Today he pursues various business interests across Africa and Asia.