Pembroke Preparatory School – The First 90-Years, 1927-2017

Named after the Cambridge College attended by its founding Headmaster, Harold Turner, who established the school in 1927, Pembroke House has been educating children for over 90 years.

From the outset, Turner conducted the School along the lines of a traditional British Preparatory school, a policy that has continued ever since. Within a few years Pembroke House had earned a reputation as a successful academic and sporting school, able to compete on equal terms with the English preparatory schools upon which it was modelled.

In 1988, the slow decline in pupil numbers became cause for concern and accepting girl pupils offered the only solution. This was supported most strongly by parents whose boys were at Pembroke, but who also had girls to educate. Down the years, Pembroke House has built up an excellent reputation with the independent secondary schools in Britain to which many of its pupils go, either winning scholarships or passing Common Entrance. On the cusp of a new decade, Pembroke appointed its first
Headmistress, Mrs Deborah Boyd-Moss. In 2016, Jason Brown took over as Headmaster.

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