The Drinking Man’s Guide to Housework
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The Drinking Man’s Guide to Housework

Gentlemen, we’ve been had.

Women’s wily ways have persuaded us to go along with arbitrary delegation of household chores we would never agree to if we only took more time to think about them. In this book, we have listed how us men have been brainwashed into domesticity.

From vacuuming to taking out the garbage to mocking our dignity with doing the shopping, women have infiltrated our subconscious to persuade us to perform a select list of household tasks.

Thankfully, we’ve spotted this female manipulation and have brought their calculated tactics to the light of day with this list of the ways women have brainwashed men.

We warn you: What you are about to read may be painful, may cut too close to the bone, and may dig up emotions you preferred were buried. But it’s better to learn about it now than stay in the dark indefinitely. Maybe it’s not too late to change the tide.

Brace yourself for the ugly truth, gentlemen…